Unable to Send Email Using BTConnect Email Accounts on iOS

The following applies to BTConnect email accounts that haven’t yet been migrated to Office 365.

When using a BTConnect email account on iOS it’s necessary to specify the outgoing SMTP authentication credentials when using mobile broadband, or non-BT wifi. But when using a BT internet connection (home or work wifi) those credentials must not be used.

So to be able to send emails wherever the device is, setup two smtp servers, one using the email account’s username and password and the other with those fields left blank. Both should specify smtp.btconnect.com as the outgoing server name, either port 25 or 587 can be used. SSL is not supported by BT.

Assuming the initial SMTP settings with username and password have already been entered, do the following to add the additional anonymous version:

In Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Select your BT Connect email account.

Then choose ‘SMTP’

Select ‘Add Server’

Type in smtp.btconnect.com (if a BT Busniness user)  as the email server, or mail.btconnect.com if a BT Home subscriber. Leave the login details blank and click the Save button.

If the device isn’t currently connected to a BT internet connection then it will take a few minutes attempting to verify the server and then fail. If prompted choose not to attempt the connection using SSL and then save the settings ignoring the warning that you may not be able to send emails.

Make sure the new server settings are enabled, if it’s showing as off then tap its name and switch it on.

The device should now be able to send emails when using both BT and non-BT interent connections.